Glossary of Terms

adaptor (noun) - A function which alters a slot’s signature.

bind (verb) - To fix a value of a callback’s argument in the STL sense.

call (verb) - The process of invoking a callback or slot.

callback (noun) - A function or a member function which will be called when a signal is emitted. A slot specifies the callback and any extra data, such as the object instance, and extra parameters.

connect (verb) - The process of specifying the callback which will be called when the signal is emitted.

emit (verb) - When a signal is emitted, the connected slots will be called.

factory (noun) - A function which takes a set of arguments and produces a different object based on those arguments.

handle (noun) - A safe version of a pointer.

marshaller (noun) - When a signal has a return value, and several slots are connected to that signal, each one returning a value, then a marshaller chooses one single return value.

safe (adj) - Any structure which falls back into uninitalized state when its related resources are destroyed. Safe resources can be held throughout the program. Unsafe resources may point to freed memory.

signal (noun) - An object to which callback slots can be connected. When the signal is emitted, each callback will be invoked. The signal and the connected slots have a specific return type and parameter types.

signal handler (noun) - Another name for a callback.

signature (noun) - The return type of a function together with the argument types of that function.

slot (noun) - A safe version of a callback.